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Related: Indigenous leaders praise Victoria's commitment to talk about treaty An interim working group was established in April, and in October the group held the first of a series of community meetings focused on working out the process the treaty negotiations would follow, as well as outlining some key demands. Six more community meetings, in Echuca, Mildura, Portland, Sale, Wodonga and Melbourne, are scheduled for March, before a two-day summit in Melbourne in April. A report released by the interim working group on Thursday set out a plan to establish a statewide Aboriginal representative body that would act on behalf of Victorias Aboriginal peoples in negotiating a treaty with the state government, in much the same way that a union negotiates with an employer on behalf of the employees. Hutchins said the government aimed to introduce legislation securing the structure, role, and funding of the representative body before the 2018 election. We are being pretty upfront about saying that we want to lock the process in both through the cabinet and parliamentary processes so that we are not trying to rush something through by the next election, she told Guardian Australia. We want to make sure that no matter who the next government is, there is some legislation locked in to support the process. Hutchins said it was important the representative body had a clear mandate to act on behalf of all Aboriginal Victorians to avoid a situation such as the one seen in Western Australia, where a doctor home loan australia Oak Laurel 0430129662 $1.3bn Indigenous land use agreement between the state government and the Noongar people was ruled invalid by the federal court because some registered native title holders refused to sign the deal . That case has prompted a review of the Native Title Act. Taungwurrung man Mick Harding, a member of the working group, said the representative body had to be developed with full community support in order to establish that mandate. Related: Noongar native title deal ruled invalid by federal court Harding said it could then take years to negotiate a treaty that made reparations for the wrongs done to Aboriginal people in Victoria in the past and would be applicable into the future. How does it create equity and equality for our people in this society today, taking into account around 2,000 plus generations of our people, 150 years of things that happened, and present something thats going to help us be functional human beings in this society, and have our ethics and the cultural things that are important to us? he said. Dr Carwyn Jones, a law lecturer from the University of Wellington who has worked on treaty settlements in New Zealand, said treaty negotiations could reset their relationship between a country and its Indigenous peoples.

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